Friday, September 27, 2013

Late Last NIght

Last night while I was awake in bed my dad came in and thought asleep. He said a pray for out loud. He prayed I do not look at the indecent furry stuff, he is okay the clean stuff unlike mom. I forget he made have said something about blocks, well I wanted to get through it would be easy. I wish I could remember exactly what said. I guess he really is worried about me like mom said, but he knows nothing for sure about what I do private but I know what they think I'm doing and have nothing to worry, I do have self-control.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Hello to follwers

Hey, I don't know if any of you guys still even read my blog but I you do let me know. I just thought it was time to say hi and show I still post on occasion. I need to talk with people more.Like Today I saw my college department head and did not even say hi. By the way has anyone heard from Marvel recently.

Thursday, December 27, 2012


Sorry I have not been on in a long time. Well my friend from church got married and even wrote her a song for the wedding. I am in the LTA program at C.O.D. I also got a job at Target seasonally, but today I found out they were going to let me go they often keep seasonal workers on. Is it a coincidence that I got a tip for a carry out today. When she offered I declined, when she said put in in your pocket no one will know I finally did accept. Would they notice that on the camera. I don't think yhat was the reason but you never know.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Marvel movies review 2011

I saw the live action Thor and Captain America movies this past summer and all thigs considered I think they did a really nice job on them. Personally it would be hard for me to compare them fairly because they are too different. My sister enjoyed Cap. America more. I kinda lean toward that too.

That part right after Cap. got his powers and used that car door like a shield I immediately thought of my friend Marvel at college. His Captain America shield his friend made for him used a car door for the material.

I hope some more good movies come with this Fall.

I'll also be changing my profile picture so if you want to see the poke'mon card of me ask on Facebook.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Reilly concert

Lat night I went to a free Reilly concert on earth, they do more than only there own songs like they do Happy Day pretty regularly. Jordan the drummer remembered me from two years ago at anna-polooza, just my face not my name. Noel remembered an older woman from before too. Good memory. So we talked a little bit, the after first service today we also talked a bit longer. They were able to do the music that morning, and I went to both services. I'm glad Jordan remembered me from yesterday this time, but still forgot my name, but I'm okay with it.

At the concert they had a air violin contest between a different Jordan and Mary and Mary won but she did have a Masters in fine arts. Later they did an Irish dance for an song.
Reilly is cool because it is violin rock.

I'm glad someone at church could fic their van air condition at his shop because with 5 band members 3 kids and one members wife who isn't in the band, Philadelphia could be long drive.

I like Jordan's drum set it is a four piece so the right mounted tam is not there, his base is a rock as well as the crashes because they are higher, other wise it is kinda a Jazz/Rock set.

Anyway they rock, if you guys are reading this keep blowing us away.

I hope the see you guys again.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Internet glitch

Hey everyone, I need to post more.

Today I got a update of Internet Explorer 9, I know Internet Explorer sucks. Typical of most Microsoft stuff. I thought is was another helpful update, but then it said to restart my computer so I did. When it started again the background was black, the only icon was the recycling bin and a start button that looked like it was from windows 95 or 98. I knew it had not been re-formatted because my password and programs were all the same only the programs did not run. I shut down and turn ed it back on and everything was back.

I no computer whiz, but when your dad and most friends are I pick up a few things. I'll try to post more.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Towel Sunday/ Congratulations

Yesterday on Sunday I received a white towel in front of everyone in second service at church for completing the Focal Point class. Now I am a ministry partner, which is kin of like being a member but a little more; we don't have members really, the term is too vague in my opinion. The church has other reasons though. Anyway my towel says "John 13:14-15". Some people thought it meant me John because they only saw the name and one person was joking. I don't really feel much different, but I like the gift.

Congratulations to Marvel and all my other friends who are graduating at Taylor. Keep in touch with me on g-mail and/or Facebook. I f you guys are ever in Wheaton or anywhere Chicago land give me a call and we do something. See ya.